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Tunes Notifier

Version 2.0.10

Ever wondered what the song you just started to play in Spotify was?
Tunes Notifier will tell you its title, artist and album with a notification any time a song starts playing.

  • Display a notification when changing song
  • Display current song in Notification Centre
  • Automatically start at login
  • Can be hidden from menu bar
Available on the Mac App Store

Requirements macOS 10.14 or later

Tunes Notifier 2.0.10

Released on 15/04/20
  • Fix blank notification when Spotify doesn't provide song information, usually when playing to an external device

Tunes Notifier 2.0.9

Released on 17/02/19
  • Fix album artwork not showing

Tunes Notifier 2.0.8

Released on 05/02/19
  • Optimised for macOS Mojave

Tunes Notifier 2.0.7

Released on 31/12/17
  • Minor improvements

Tunes Notifier 2.0.6

Released on 26/06/17
  • Add current song info to menu bar

Tunes Notifier 2.0.5

Released on 25/06/17
  • Fix artwork images not loading

Tunes Notifier 2.0.4

Released on 13/09/16
  • Add support for macOS Sierra (10.12)

Tunes Notifier 2.0.3

Released on 11/05/16
  • Fix a crash affecting old versions of Spotify

Tunes Notifier 2.0.2

Released on 09/04/16
  • Restore support for OS X Yosemite (10.10)

Tunes Notifier 2.0.1

Released on 01/04/16
  • Fix incorrect analytics values

Tunes Notifier 2.0

Released on 26/03/16
  • Song artwork visible in notifications
  • New app icon
  • New menu bar icon for "Dark menu bar"
  • No more messages asking you to rate the app
  • OS X El Capitan required

Tunes Notifier 1.6.1

Released on 20/03/15
  • Fix for Spotify

Tunes Notifier 1.6

Submitted on 20/05/14 – Rejected by Apple on 21/05/14
  • Remove iTunes support (as notifications are now natively supported by iTunes)
  • Remove current song info from menu bar (to keep the app minimal)

Tunes Notifier 1.5

Submitted on 28/07/13 – Rejected by Apple on 31/07/13
  • Add the current song artwork, title, album and artist in the menu bar

Tunes Notifier 1.4

Submitted on 06/05/13 – Rejected by Apple on 12/05/13
  • Notifications for songs played from radio stations in iTunes

Tunes Notifier 1.3

Released on 08/01/13
  • Spotify support
  • Reduced processor usage

Tunes Notifier 1.2

Released on 14/11/12
  • Japanese language support
  • Spanish language support
  • Danish language support
  • Portuguese language support
  • German language support
  • Turkish language support
  • Clean up all notifications when closing Tunes Notifier
  • Various improvements

Tunes Notifier 1.1

Released on 18/10/12
  • New menu bar icon available in colour and in monochrome
  • Menu icon can be removed temporarily or permanently from menu bar
  • New shortcuts
  • Finnish language support

Tunes Notifier 1.0

Released on 25/09/12
  • Initial version

No data or personal information is collected by Tunes Notifier (version 2.0.8 and above).

Previous versions of the app used Crashlytics and Answers for crash and analytics reporting (see for more information).

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